xCode (Mac Application Development)

EOinc IT Solutions have considerable experience developing applications for the Mac platform, specifically for the “Publishing” market space, which is largely Mac-centric. Our Mac development team uses Metrowerks CodeWarrior and builds GUIs using PowerPlant, CodeWarrior’s C++ framework.

We also use C, C++, Real Basic, Visual Basic Script, Java Beans, and the application specification SDKs (e.g. for InDesign and Quark) where required. Additionally, our developers offer cross-platform development and porting services which are essential to offer publishing solutions and components both on the Mac OS and PC platforms. The technologies we employ include connectivity solutions (Socket Communications and TCP/IP), web technologies (XML, SOAP), document creation solutions (pdf and rtf), image processing (jpg, gif, bmp, pict, tiff, etc.), scripting (AppleScript), and installation (Mac Installer).

A significant part of our project experience includes writing plug-ins for publishing application software like Quark XPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, and Palm CDK. These plug-ins and extensions automate document composition, content extraction, image processing, database-driven document management, internet and web enabled workflows, and license management.