Custom-Portal Development

With the dawn of the cyber age, the web has become the most potent media source, breaking the boundaries of conventional business and marketing. It’s important to create your Web Portal to get the maximum publicity of your website. EOinc IT Solutions has developed user centric web applications for its global clients, each of them are customized to client requirements, and various industries.

Using interactive and innovative and multi faceted tools such as blogs, online surveys, search engines, articles, shopping carts and chats, EOinc IT Solutions has enabled its clients to reach out and engage with their customers on a multi dimensional manner, and make the most of today's digital marketplace. As with all our work, attention to detail and scalable architecture are the essence of creating targeted business savvy web portals.

Web portal presents information from diverse resources but in a unified way. Besides the search engine feature a web portal offers many services together such as e-mail, news, stock prices, information, databases and entertainment. Popular portals are Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

Attractive Features

  • Allowing different information and service providing departments to update their own information.
  • Present the information and services that a user would need according to their profile.
  • Set up things from the users' perspective.
  • Allowing for a single sign-on feature for the users.

Benefits with EOinc IT Solutions in Portal development

  • 24X7 Web Support.
  • Hire offshore expertise.
  • Save Infrastructure cost.
  • High quality and cost effective.
  • Use latest Technologies.
  • High skilled developers
  • Time to Time deliver

We offer fully functional portal development services:

Social Community Portal Development:

Our developers are well experienced in business to business portals developments. Those are equally applicable for the small as well as large business organizations.

B2B Ecommerce Portal Development:

Our developers are well experienced in business to business portals developments. Those are equally applicable for the small as well as large business organizations.

B2C Ecommerce Portal Development:

We are capable enough to facilitate not only B2B chains but also cater our services to the Business organizations to the tail customer/end user chains.

Knowledge Portals:

For e-learning and for small and big Universities.

Application/Web Services Portals:

We also provide you web application development services provider portal which helps to increase of your business profits.

Business Intelligent portals:

This enables users to produce intelligent reports for decision making.

Liferay portal development:

To Liferay portal development, get new feel to develop portal with Liferay open source

Job portal:

To facilitate both job seekers and job providers. If you need to make a job portal then we complete your requirements as per your needs we built latest technology portal.

Matrimonial Portal:

Nowadays if you desire to make portal like as Matrimonial then it will be easy process with us.

Real Estate Portal:

it helps buyer and seller and agent which can make their business profitable.

E-business Portal Development:

We build portal for your E-business for both buyer and sellers which help you for your online campaign

Shopping cart development:

We make your shopping cart portal such a way that it would become a pleasing, safe and easy going experience for your prosperous clienteles.

Corporate Intranet/Internet Portals:

It is an access to the information held by an enterprise and the core location to access with the associated applications.

Enterprise Portals:

Provides unified access to all structured and unstructured information of the enterprise either on intranet or on internet.

E-commerce Portals:

For anyone doing business online we provide e-commerce portal for transmitting funds, goods, services and/or data.