Content Management System (CMS)

Solutions that Give You Control of Your Website

When it comes to content management system (CMS) solutions for your website, the choices and the requirements are endless. But one thing is for sure, you want a CMS that gives you control of your website so you can manage the web strategy you have established.When selecting a CMS, it is important to note that you need to understand your business requirements. Your website is a business application that will improve business processes and generate revenue. Not all CMS packages are able to meet specific requirements. EOinc CMS helps clients understand their requirements compared to the functionality with various CMS packages and is able to provide a GAP analysis that helps select the right solution for your website.

The EOinc IT Solutions's Content Management System

We've heard your requests and demands for a better CMS solution and developed something just for you. The EOinc IT Solutions's Content Management System (CMS) is a custom web-based application that makes it easy to manage EVERY aspect of your website. The CMS will tailor itself to your specific website needs and can handle the most complex requirements.

EOinc IT Solutions can work with any content management system whether it is custom-built, licensed, or open-source. But most widely used and acknowledged is the EOinc CMS, which will allow for easy customization to your business and technical requirements.

The EOinc CMS features an intuitive easy-to-use interface that allows administrators to control the content of their website. By using a combination of pre-built tools and customized modules, the CMS can be developed for any client’s website needs as well as integrated into any third party software. EOinc IT Solutions's processes, evaluation, and documentation tailor the CMS to your specific business needs. As a result, you avoid investment in unnecessary technology, thus creating a streamlined user and administrator experience.

Features and Capabilities

  • Easy to learn
  • No HTML knowledge needed
  • Effortlessly apply website design styles to content
  • No design limitation
  • HTML editor based upon Microsoft Word© ribbon style controls
  • Include images, documents, hyperlinks, and multi-media within content
  • Insert news, events, etc. in one location and have it populated in multiple locations on your site
  • Preview capabilities
  • Optimized for easy SEO implementation
  • SEO keywords, meta tags, and meta descriptions available for every page
  • Includes Google Analytics
  • PCI Compliant Best Practices